Random Bin Picking

Inverse kinematics, singularity detection, motion planning, Lie algebra.

I interned at Mechmind robotics in Beijing in the summer at 2017, where I worked with the robotics algorithms working on real industrial robots.

As a robot algorithm engineer, my work included:

  • Implemented the inverse kinematics algorithm for ABB-IRB4600 robot, a large one with over 60kg capacity. The code is still working well on real robots!
  • Designed an algorithm to detect and avoid sigularity points during the motion planning of ABB-IRB1200 and ABB_IRB4600.
  • Implemented the collision detection of robot motion planning using fcl and integrated into the software product of the company.
  • implemented quaternion interpolation algorithm to enable smooth motion of the industrial robots.

The usage of all related pictures on this personal website are authorized by Mechmind robotics.