Starlight Voyage

Wechat mini game, implemented with javascript.

Indie wechat mini games were once very popular among my friends, and I tried to implement a new game -- something bouncing between balls and bars, and sometimes attracted by black holes. Truned out to be a quite boring game, but I got the chance to implement the whole 2d physics engine, which was pretty cool.

This also exposed me to some very interesting technologies. Tencent has their own implementation of canvas interfaces and node servers, while there're multiple players in the wechat eco system, some of which offer pretty cool game engines. There're also companies which are making millions from wechat mini games. Thus, it was just too late for indie games.

I though about at least releasing it, but Tencent asked me for lots of documents, including certification of software copyrights, which can only be obtained by visiting some government agency in Beijing. I did not have any recent travel plans and did not want to bother someone to do this for me, thus it was never released.

And recently I want to set up a wechat subscription account to write something about cooking, building PCs and other stuffs happening in my life. I have to delete the wechat mini game, since it was binded to my wechat account. Here's the epitaph of Starlight Voyage.